Fair Backgammon

Fair Backgammon Tournament Rules and special sensor registration board "BEZMA"

First real BG-competition - everybody against XG


8 Games playing like money games


Comparison of the results between all participants


Entry fee – 10€


Stake in the games – 1GP (Game Point)

1GP = 1€


Winner/Loser of the 8 games gets or pays money

according to the final result of 8 games


Prize fund (total of all entry fees) will be divided like follows:

1. Place - 1000€ or sensor board "BEZMA" new design

Demo (test) results s. attachments


Contact and play over Skype:



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Fulls description in my book "Fair Backgammon Tournament Rules "Backgammon_Book%2027_11_06.pdf

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