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*****Lylloff/Hansen, $10,000 bet, World Series of Backgammon Special



Semi final time in Denmark, backgammon teacher Hans Christian Mathiesen plays Iranian origin Swede, Parchami followed by:

the notorious Gus Hansen v Sander Lylloff 5 point face-off for $10,000 in cash.

John Clark and Gus Hansen in the commentary box. Falafel and Morten join John in the box for the Gus/Sander cash action and cajole each other into taking some side bets.

Production Note
The Gus / Sander match-up was an impromptu set-up put together when it was becoming clear the Matheisen/Parchami semi final was developing into a very dull encounter, the entire one hour episode was supposedly dedicated to it! Matheisen layed off the cube believing his playing ability far superior. Parchami just layed off it for whatever reason.

So fast to act and after a quick word with Gus and Sander, they both agreed on-the-spot to play an exhibition match for $10,000 of their own money. Morten Holm and Falafel had the idea of betting with each other in the commentary box. The result is a superlative concoction demonstrating just how backgammon can work onscreen, given jeopardy, characters and a great back-drop.


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