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Fair Backgammon Tournament Rules and special sensor registration board "BEZMA"

Double Consulting Matches with Duplicated Rolls

It is proposed to promote matches for Double Consulting Championship with duplicated rolls on two playing boards.

It is known that in each Double Consulting Match should take part two players. The players consult between themselves during the match about the moves and take the decisions according to the doubling cube. To make the competition more exciting, fair and quicker it will be proposed promote such matches on two boards with the rolls thrown on the board Nr.1 and transfer the same combination of dice (the same or duplicated rolls) to board Nr.2.

Procedures are follow:

  1. The dice will be rolled only on the board Nr.1
  2. The side that wins the first roll starts to play on the board Nr.1. After the move on the board Nr.1 is completed the opponent’s side makes his move on the board Nr.2 with the same dice combination (duplicated roll for opponent side).

Example: White A (from Team A) rolls 61 on the board Nr.1. After his move is completed, then White B (from Team B) moves on the board Nr.2 his checkers with the same roll 61.

  1. In case one side wants to double:

3.1.  On the board Nr.1 – it is usual condition – before this side (for example, White A) roll his dice.

3.2.  On the board Nr.2 – it is usual condition as well, but the side (White B) should make a sign about his wish to double BEFORE on the board Nr.1 will be rolled the dice from White A.

  1. In case one side is „PASS“, then the game will be continue on one board (Nr.1 or Nr.2), but it will be rolled on the board Nr.1 in the same order.
  2. During the match the players have possibility to consult about moves and handling with doubling cubes on both boards.
  3. The scoring will be usual – till specific number of points.

Duplication of rolls (as well as duplication of cards in bridge) is very important for tournament organizers as well as for players, because this option allows to promote competitions with obviously equal conditions for both sides at any part of the game or the match and excludes any questions about high influence of luck to end result of a game or a match. In this case we can introduce for the first time a basic principle of intellectual game competition – equal game and play conditions.

First experience with duplicated rolls match played on sensor boards "BEZMA" has made American team Ray Fogerlund& Bill Finneran against Japan team Mochy&Co in two games match after Nordic Open 2008.

In Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine from 1st till 5th October 2008 there was the first Fair Backgammon Duplicated Team Tournament.
In Monte Carlo 2010 during World Championship there was demo match: USA team Stick&Matt against international team Falafel&Garal in two games. One game of this last match you can see below:


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